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Proudly not founded 100 years ago.

Welcome to the next-gen roadside assistance. 

boostmi roadside assistance next-gen
boostmi ceo mike bibeau

Mike Bibeau

Chief Executive Officer

boostmi spencer pringle cpo

Spencer Pringle

Chief Product Officer

boostmi coo yves-emmanuel toussaint

Yves-Emmanuel Toussaint

Chief Operations Officer

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The fork in the road 

What do two techies and countless tow trucks have in common? 

This might sound like the beginning of a joke, but actually it’s the start of the next great tech adventure.  

In 2015, on a cold winter night, two friends are out for dinner when they keep seeing empty tow trucks passing them by, back and forth. “What a waste of time” they thought. And so they had their lightbulb moment.“There had to be a better way!”


Roadside assistance needed a break from tradition!

No more calls to a dispatching center. No more waiting for someone to answer the call. And then waiting hours for help to arrive. No more archaic status quo! 

And so, they partnered up with a third visionary and together they designed a simple yet innovative platform where help is just a click away. 

boostmi roadside assistance app
Boostmi to the rescue! 

We connect drivers to their roadside superheroes.

Our outside-the-box thinking led us to create a one-stop solution for all your car troubles, from battery boosts and towing, to gas delivery and door unlocking.  

Our mission

To drive a new era of roadside assistance. 
Raising the bar. Inspiring change. Leading the way. 

Transparency all the way!

We’re big on trust. We don’t hide behind fancy words and empty promises. Our products walk the walk. Our service is stress-free. Our fees are upfront.

Because getting help shouldn’t be complicated. 

The Boostmi Philosophy

We believe that with great technology comes great responsibility and so we strive to use our platform to bring safety and peace of mind to all drivers.